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Here at ByteBox Media we take custom software development very serious. It has been our primary focus since 2009 and it’s our top priority to work with individuals, companies and organisations around the world to provide the software tools to get the job done.

Whether you are looking for custom software or app development, or even custom game development, we are readily available to take on your project today.

A typical development cycle

Here is what to expect from a typical software development work cycle.

Planning and Design

Drafting up a proper design document is the most important step for a custom software project.

We will work with you through the design and planning stage to ensure we set the framework as to what is to be achieved, set targets and milestones.

Coding and Implementation

The coding and implementation phase is usually the longest phase. This is where most of the work is put in. Programming thousands of lines of code to make the dream a reality.

As the coding is going on, the UI/UX designers will be preparing the user interface.

Product Testing

At this stage, the testing of the developed source code will start. The testing process is a cycle in which the developers and the testers work together to rigorously test the application using many different scenarios to squash any bugs. Every time a bug is found, the product is taken back to the previous stage before being re-issued.


Once the product has passed through the testing phase, it is then deployed on the cloud to allow the client to use it and give their views. At this stage, everything is clicked together to give a fully functioning product.

Also at this stage, the product is available to the client’s testers and end-users.


Technology is ever-changing so after deployment, things potentially could break or not work. This is due to external sources out of development control such as operating system updates or bugs, third party dependency updates or bugs or some other external source problem.

Maintenance may be required to keep the product working and up to date with the latest technologies.

Further Development

There is always room for further development of the project, product or service being developed.

This can be discussed at the Planning and Design stage but it can also be discussed post-deployment too. To add new features, upgrades and services

It’s very easy to get in touch with your project manager to discuss what options you have.

Why is Custom Software Development


  • Scalability

    Custom IT software solutions allow your business and organisation to grow and change as they can be easily modified.

  • Efficiency

    Custom software developments are purposely designed to achieve targets and increase production speeds.

  • Profitability

    Custom software solutions allow businesses to make more money either saving money internally or selling their product to consumers.

  • Independence

    A custom designed software development means you are not tied down or limited to the development by a third party.

Who would choose a custom software development?

There are usually two primary reasons to choose to develop your own software solution. You’re either interested in developing your own product to save money for your business in automating tasks or speeding up production, or you are looking to develop a product to give away or sell commercially.

There are other reasons but these are the typical reason why someone or a company, decides to develop their own software solution.

Target Platform Solutions

Here at ByteBox Media, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge of all platforms, including Desktop, Mobile, Web and Console.

Most, if not all projects can work cross-platform. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to make this work “out of the box”, so for each platform you need compatibility, will require extra work for that particular platform.

However, over the years we have devised techniques and ways to speed up this kind of work and have many cross-platform tools at our disposal to use to speed up porting of the product across other target platforms.

Platforms we support


Apple iOS / MacOS

Windows Desktop

Linux Distros

Java inc. Rasp Pi








How do we work?

We work online with our clients via our very own online office suite.

Inside this suite is where you can access the project, the project files, invoices, estimates, quotations, milestones, targets and the current tasks being worked on.

You can also liaise with your project manager and the developer themselves to add notes to tasks, write comments and get updates regarding your custom project.

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to get started on your custom software development, you can fill out this form below and we will get the ball rolling as soon as possible for you.

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