Patch Management Service

What is the Patch Management Service?

Our Patch Management Service was spawned out of some clients needs to not worry about their game or app updates and patches.

Our flagship products Game Launcher Creator and Game Patch Creator both contain professional and fast file patching solutions, however with developers and development teams busy with many other tasks, coding and other managerial tasks, sometimes pushing out updates and patches is just another big task to manage.

This is where our Patch Management Service comes in to play. Any individual or company can take out a patch management solution with us.

How does it work?

It’s a very simple process and we do all of the work for you. You simply upload your latest game files to your FTP server/web hosting server or a patch server (if you have a patch server with us).

We download your files, do the update scan and configure your patch so it is ready to go when you say go.

Upload Files

Scan Files

Optionally Sign Files

Ready to Push

What is optionally signing files?

If you already have our code signing services (or want it), we can digitally code sign your files before they’re ready for patch update. This is entirely optional and not required if you do not want.

What is the turnaround time?

We recommend you upload your project/game/app files as soon as they are ready for an update.

Your files will be added to the queue to be patched. We work Mon-Fri (9am – 6pm) GMT UK time. We occasionally work weekends.

It can take up to 72 hours for your update to be processed although we typically aim for no longer than 24 hours and on a good day, it can be as quick as 1-3 hours.

Is it a one-off payment?

You have two options when it comes to using our Patch Management service.

You can simply just pay a one-off fee, so when you have an update out, you just pay a flat $9.99 for each update.

If you know you are going to be pushing out a lot of updates over the next 12 months, it would be worth getting our $149 yearly package which entitles you to an unlimited amount of updates.

If you haven’t already configured your patch system, we can offer to set it up for you using GLCV2/GLCV3/GPC for a fee of $20. 


Handy for updating as and when.


Handy for lots of updates to your game / app.

Patch Setup

This is an optional service. If you haven’t already configured your patching system inside GLC or GPC, we can set it up for you so you are ready to start pushing out updates immediately.

You are not tied into any contracts or subscriptions and you are free to use and stop using our service whenever you want to.

You can continue to publish your own patch updates at any time.

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to get started, you can order this service immediately via our Office Portal.

Simply click the button below to get started. Once you have signed up, simply visit the Store and order the patch management service you require and we will get to work as soon as we possibly can.

Customer Login

If you are a product customer and want to access your order information, downloads and access your services, please visit the Store.

Client Login

If you are a client with our custom services such as programming, dedicated servers or contractual work, you need to login to the office.

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