Legitimate Websites and Emails

Here at ByteBox Media, we host a wide array of servers, websites, domains, portals, offices and network suites to deliver our products and services to thousands of users worldwide.

We take security and privacy very seriously here at ByteBox Media. We would never, ever share your information with any company or share it with any person, unless required to do so by law. We value you and we value your information as our customer, your information is our information, so you don’t ever have to worry about your data being used in any way except for us providing our products, services and marketing to you. You can always check our privacy policy here and network website terms here to see just how serious we are in protecting your data.

This page features pretty much all of the information surrounding our network, products and service websites and email accounts. So if you are worried about a particular link, website, domain, IP or email you have received, check it against this list first.

If you’re still unsure, feel free to contact us directly here yourself and we will be happy to help.

Legitimate Websites and Domains

Here is a list of legitimate domains in our network.

byteboxmediaservices.co.uk – This is our central network domain. It is also our main mail server. Most emails you receive will come from this mail server or use this domain in the email header(s).

byteboxmediaservices.com – This is our secondary central network domain.

bytebox.media – This is our official corporate website. Here you can find out all the information regarding our company, our business, our products, our services, our teams, our ethos and our history.

byteboxmedia.co.uk – This was our corporate website domain. It now forwards to our new corporate site. You may still get emails from this domain as it is our legacy and still current domain for a lot of emails.

configfilecreator.com – This is our official website for our software product, Config File Creator. It features all the information regarding the software product and links to purchase.

byteboxmedia.store – This is our domain for the official ByteBox Media Store. It features majority of our software products, plugins and services. You can purchase directly from our store using this domain. It is secured with a 256-bit SSL certificate. You will receive emails from this domain if purchasing anything from our store or managing your account.

byteboxmedia.support – This is our official support website. This domain features all of our documentation, manuals, tutorials and help resources for all of our products and services.

byteboxhost.com – This is our official ByteBox Hosting website. It features all the information regarding our web hosting and patch servers. This then links to byteboxservers.com for the billing.

byteboxservers.com – This is our official billing platform for our web hosting and patch server hosting.

byteboxserver.com – This is our reserved domain for web hosting and patch servers.

gamelaunchercreator.com – This is our official Game Launcher Creator website. This website features all the information regarding GLCV3 and links to purchase. Links will go to our Store.

gamelaunchercreatorv2.com – This is our legacy website for GLCV2 customers to access their previous order information, licenses and downloads for Game Launcher Creator V2.

gamepatchcreator.com – This is our official Game Patch Creator website. This websites features all the information regarding GPC and links to purchase.

fivem-launcher-creator.com – This is our official FiveM Launcher creator affiliate website.

textospeech.co – This is our official Text to Speech website service.


You will only receive emails from the above domains (or maybe our email list sender which is sendinblue, sometimes can come through their SMTP servers).

You should whitelist the above domains so you always get our emails. The most important emails to whitelist are


ByteBox Media will never ask you for your password for any of our websites or services. You can manually reset all of your passwords yourself using the relevant website ‘Forgotten Password’ or ‘Reset Password’ feature.

If you receive a suspicious email or think it could be fraudulent, please forward it to us and contact us directly. We can provide clarification.

Customer Login

If you are a product customer and want to access your order information, downloads and access your services, please visit the Store.

Client Login

If you are a client with our custom services such as programming, dedicated servers or contractual work, you need to login to the office.

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